Caviar de la Nuit Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the use of the services and events offered on the website

Caviar de la Nuit provides an exclusive and private online interactive dating platform for its members with both free and paid memberships.
In addition, Caviar de la Nuit regularly organises exclusive events for its members.

A membership application can be submitted via the form available on the website and will be assessed by Caviar de la Nuit within a maximum period of 3 days. When submitting a membership application, you declare and guarantee that you:
  • are over the age of 21 and entitled to enter into a legally binding contract;
  • meet the registration requirements stated on our website;
  • provide us with correct, accurate and truthful information that is not misleading in any way;
  • are not currently registered in a sex offenders register; and
  • have no criminal convictions for unlawful conduct such as fraud, sexual offences, violence (including domestic violence), harassment, stalking, terrorism or a hate crime.

Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be selected as a new member. New members are admitted on a limited basis. Caviar de la Nuit reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate your membership at any time and is under no obligation to further explain why the application has not been accepted. Caviar de la Nuit will immediately delete the data entered for rejected applications. Membership may be withdrawn if a member fails to comply with Caviar de la Nuit’s policies and/or rules of conduct.
You are not allowed to create more than one account.

A membership application can be submitted from the age of 21. Profiles of people under the age of 21 will be deleted immediately.

Caviar de la Nuit reserves the right to verify the identity of its members and, if it suspects that a profile is ‘fake’, to delete this profile and to deny the member access to all events by Caviar de la Nuit or its members. In this case, the member has no right to a refund of their membership fees.

A membership starts once you receive email confirmation from Caviar de la Nuit. From this day, and in accordance with applicable law, you have the right to cancel your membership without giving any reason. You will then be credited with the full amount.
If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, we request that you complete the cancellation form found here and return it to Caviar de la Nuit in good time via the following email address:
If you log into your account and use our services before the end of the cancellation period, this will be considered an explicit request for immediate access to the services, for which payment will be due.

By using the services provided by Caviar de la Nuit, you agree that Caviar de la Nuit may send you messages about your account or its services. These messages can be shared directly on the online platform or via the email address linked to your account. To check which types of messages you might receive from Caviar de la Nuit, you can view your settings in the interactive platform.

Members of Caviar de la Nuit can (depending on availability) purchase tickets for events organised by Caviar de la Nuit or its members. A ticket can be purchased using the unique and personal code assigned to each member.
Tickets cannot be transferred to others.
In the case of misuse, Caviar de la Nuit reserves the right to deny ticket holders access to the event and to suspend or cancel the membership for a certain period of time.
For the events offered, specific terms and conditions apply and are available on the pages describing the events or activities.

Cancellation policy: Tickets cannot be refunded.

However, if you have a ticket but cannot attend the event for any reason, you can exchange your ticket for a voucher. The voucher code(s) will be sent to you by mail and can be used for future purchases in the event ticket shop.

Credit percentage of EVENT ticket value in case of cancellation:
  • Cancellation longer than 14 days before the event: 90%
  • Cancellation between 7 and 14 days before the event: 75%
  • Cancellation within seven days before the event: 50%
  • Cancellations on the day of the event: 0%

Credit percentage of HOTEL ticket value in case of cancellation:
  • Cancellation longer than 14 days before the event: 90%
  • Cancellation between 7 and 14 days before the event: 75%
  • Cancellation between 3 and 7 days before the event: 50%
  • Cancellation within 3 days before the event: 0%

Keep in mind that there will be no exceptions. This voucher arrangement applies to all ticket buyers. No matter what the reason for cancellation is.
If you've misplaced or forgotten your membership card, you can request a new one during check-in at the next event. To cover these costs, there will be a €10 fee for issuing a new membership card. If there was a balance on your old card, you can reach out to our helpdesk at the event. They will assist you in transferring the balance to the new card.
However, if it's your first time receiving a membership card, it's on us!

If a member no longer wishes to receive messages or no longer wants their profile to be displayed to other users, the member may at any time request that Caviar de la Nuit suspend their profile. This suspension is temporary. The member can reactivate their membership at any time.
A member can terminate their membership at any time. However, any paid fees are non-refundable.
Suspension or termination requests can be sent to Caviar de la Nuit via the following email address:

Caviar de la Nuit collects personal data. Caviar de la Nuit ensures that the collection of this personal data complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.
The privacy policy applies to the use of all personal data collected by Caviar de la Nuit.

The costs for using the website are the sole responsibility of the member. The prices and rates are stated on the website and Caviar de la Nuit reserves the right to update these at any time.

Caviar de la Nuit cannot in any way whatsoever be held liable for the conduct, activities or negligence of its members.
Members take their own responsibility for the information they make available on the website.
Caviar de la Nuit is in no way liable for the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the profiles and content provided by the member and other members, nor for the consequences resulting from the use of this information and content. Caviar de la Nuit is also not liable for content distributed by members that may infringe the rights of one or more users or any third party.

By using the services of Caviar de la Nuit, the member agrees to take all reasonable precautions when communicating with other members and, in particular, when deciding to communicate with other members outside the services provided by Caviar de la Nuit or to meet in person.
Members acknowledge that when they share personal, confidential and/or sensitive information (e.g. name, address, telephone number, financial information) they do so entirely at their own risk.

Caviar de la Nuit reserves the right to change the services and prices published on the website at any time. The same also applies to the terms and conditions.

All contributions and images published on the website are protected by copyright.
Unless otherwise indicated, all rights, including copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights, as well as domain names, the name of the website, as well as its content, belong to Caviar de la Nuit.
Members who participate in Caviar de la Nuit events explicitly agree that their photos will be shared on the private online platform by the event organisers. Members have the right to request the removal of their photos by emailing Caviar de la Nuit at

Members are entitled to unsubscribe from the website without giving any reason. Personal data that has been collected, stored, processed and used in the context of Caviar de la Nuit’s services are deleted when you unsubscribe.

Complaints, questions and/or feedback can be submitted via the contact form on the website.
Caviar de la Nuit will make every effort to process these within a reasonable time frame and to respond in a pertinent way.
Complaints do not in any way suspend the member’s payment obligations. The member is obliged to reimburse all costs incurred by Caviar de la Nuit as a result of unjustified complaints.

The possible full or partial invalidity, nullity or unenforceability of one or more clauses of these terms and conditions does not affect the validity and enforceability of the other clauses and provisions.

These terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Belgian law.
In the event of any disputes, the courts of Antwerp, Turnhout department, have exclusive jurisdiction to take cognizance of this dispute.