New! Workshop 'Reveal yourself with Violet' at Chateau d'Amour!

We've got something new at Chateau d'Amour! Dive into a journey toward greater understanding and intimacy.

Emerge with newfound confidence in expressing your true self like never before.

Here's what to expect during the workshop:

Step up to the challenge as you are navigating through choices, moving from one side to another, discovering preferences along the way.


Engage in heartfelt conversations, sharing needs, and unlocking intimate desires within smaller groups.


Let your imagination run wild when bringing together your deepest desires, visualizing the perfect date, and mapping out your personal journey to fulfillment.


 Wrap up the experience with insights gained and connections made, leaving feeling inspired and empowered.

Book your time slot using the link below. 


21:30h. - 22:30h. 

22:45h. - 23:45h. 

00.00h. - 01.00h. 

Register with your host at the beginning of your time slot with both your names at the workshop room. Late registrations may result in the loss of your spot to someone else, so we kindly ask you to be in time.