A unique insight in the community #8

As spring blooms and the sun shines more frequently, La Chapelle is just around the corner! We are enjoying ourselves with all the preparations for this event!

We're delighted to share Newsletter #8 with you, filled with captivating content. 

Enjoy an exclusive interview with DJ twins BlushxBlush, Listen to a brand-new mix by DJ Frenckel, discover intriguing Caviar fun facts, and stay tuned as we reveal the new date for our next big event after summer!


After La Chapelle, the Caviar team will enjoy a summer break to recharge for the forthcoming Caviar season.

On September 21st, we look forward to welcoming you again in Hasselt...

Tickets available for GOLD members:

  May 24th 12.00h.

Tickets available for ALL members:

  May 27th 12.00h.

30th edition

The 30th edition of Caviar de la Nuit; La Chapelle is just around the corner! 

We're thrilled that we'll be hosting 350 couples in the most stunning and awe-inspiring chapel. It's our first time at this venue, so we're extra hyped and excited to close the 'Caviar de la Nuit' season together with so many wonderful members.

 'La Chapelle' is sold out and the waiting list is open for registration.

Blush x Blush

The beautiful twin duo Blush x Blush often spins at Caviar de la Nuit events. They're also joining us again at 'La Chapelle'

"In the first months of Blush x Blush, we performed under the name DJ Double. During a party, a stranger approached us and asked, "You're the twins from DJ Double, right?" That's when we realized we were referred to more as Double D than DJ Double 😅 Someone who knows us well suggested the name Blush x Blush, thinking it suited us as a blushing twin duo. We agreed and decided to change our name," they explain.

For both of them, all events held at the Castle are always a highlight. They elaborate; "The venue is exceptionally beautiful, and the atmosphere there is always particularly vibrant. Especially when we get to perform on the Salle Noir stage, the energy is always through the roof."

The twin duo hasn't been DJing for long. Last summer, they performed on the mainstage of Sunrise Festival and Hype O Dream, which was one of their biggest successes until now. The duo clarifies; "We also got to enter Tomorrowland through the artist entrance, where we played on the smallest stage, but even that felt like a win! Our monthly radio show remains very special to us as well."

They draw their inspiration from the sun, the sea, and each other. Making a set for Caviar de la Nuit always feels a bit like preparing for a Great Gatsby party. They always keep that in mind: swinging, festive, joyful music!


Cotton Candy

Cotton candy! It's a real "love it or hate it" situation. 

But brace yourselves, at the next event, you might just stumble upon a cotton candy stand, where the clouds are sweet and fluffy, and the dentist's dreams are made!


Introducing a new feature on our website: Now, you can conveniently view members' birthdays directly on your dashboard.

Will you be sending out birthday wishes?

Boudoir Shoot

Starting from the last edition, Club d'Or,

there's no longer a need to send a request to receive your boudoir photos!

They will now be automatically sent to your messenger inbox on the website instead of via email.


Our dear friend, DJ Frenckel, has cooked up a delightful set just for you! For those heading to La Chapelle, consider this your appetizing pre-party treat! Tune in now via the music streams and get ready to dance your socks off! Enjoy!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to La Chapelle, or after the summer break!

With love,

Beau & Chloé