A unique insight in the community #6

The 6th newsletter is here! Currently, we're hard at work preparing for the upcoming castle event on February 24th at Chateau d'Amour! To all those attending this splendid occasion, we're eagerly looking forward to welcoming you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the captivating story from Gilles, our talented videographer tasked with creating the after movies. Discover entertaining fun facts and mark your calendars for the upcoming 'Caviar' events!



Join us for the debut of a truly unforgettable evening at 'La Chapelle', a majestic chapel that will be transformed into the ultimate playground for couples and ladies accompanied by another couple. This exclusive event marks the 30th edition of Caviar de la Nuit and promises to be an experience like no other.

More info will be sent in a separate email, this Thursday, February 15th. 

TIckets are available for GOLD members on Friday, 16th February, 12:00h.

TIckets are available for ALL members on Monday, 19th February, 12:00h.

And for those eagerly anticipating our plans after the summer break, mark your calendars for our return! We will welcome you to a 12th-century abbey near Hasselt on September 21st...

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Gilles Gaspar

Videographer of 'Caviar de la Nuit' 

Gilles has been active in the audiovisual sector for a decade, working independently. In the initial years of his career, he served as a content creator for events and festivals. This gradually evolved into high-end camera work over the years. "Besides creating 'Caviar de la Nuit' aftermovies, Slipstream Drone Video, the company I'm part of, is primarily on the road with our drones, he explains. We capture aerial footage, both indoors and outdoors, for events, businesses, sports events, and much more. If you spot a drone flying over one of the events, don't be afraid, it's me!" 😉

Gilles favorite moment at 'Caviar de la Nuit' was the first 'Castle' edition. "This location perfectly complements the event's vibe and provides many angles to capture beautiful shots", he clarifies.

Moreover, most Caviar events traditionally close with Frenckel's performance. "I always eagerly await the moment when he plays 'Helsloot – Open The Gate.' That's when the energy really peaks! (And I can comfortably head home for the edit!)"

"My personal film and editing style are 'smooth,' as you can gather from the Caviar aftermovie productions", Gilles elaborates. "During a climax, it may get a bit intense with a few bold shakes, but the atmospheric breaks are where I can infuse real emotion into the video. A beautiful slow-motion shot with a subtle lens flare makes me genuinely happy! Our drones also have gimbals and stabilization, making them a perfect match".

How does Gilles approach telling the 'Caviar de la Nuit' story through his videos? "In the past, I approached the video as a chronological story, taking the viewer on a journey from the arrival to the end of the event. Currently, I have been exploring more unique perspectives. The recent aftermovies still begin with an opening shot and end with a shot showing the famous Caviar rose. However, during the video, you won't see a chronological progression of the evening, but a more thematic montage. 

Having had the opportunity to create numerous aftermovies, Gilles knows exactly what he's looking for during the editing process. "Since I also shoot the footage and experience the event, it usually doesn't take long for me to select the best shots. From these 'best shots,' a further selection is made. I work on the audio with these A-shots until all the pieces fall into place. Then it's just a matter of color grading and adding a little 'magic touch' to complete the video. Oh yes, last but not least, I always ensure that the privacy of the visitors is preserved by making them unrecognizable in the footage", Gilles concludes.

Fun Facts

Danique Kos

At the upcoming event, 'Chateau d'Amour', we will feature a special act! Danique Kos will grace us with her performance on the Djembé.

Alongside DJ 'Dina van Diest', these talented ladies will transform the night into an unforgettable experience.

Let the rhythm of the djembé drum awaken your soul and ignite your spirit!


Did you know about the opportunity to connect with us via post mail at the events?!

At every event, the 'Caviar' mailbox awaits your correspondence. Share your thoughts, feedback, or ideas with us. We're excited to hear from you!

Sparkling start

Kick off your evening at 'Caviar de la Nuit' with a glass of bubbles!

Our delightful champagne ladies are poised to greet you.

Club d'Or

A stately English manoir near Antwerp sets the stage for our first Gold member club event: Club d'Or. On March 16th, we will welcome only 100 Gold member couples per night for a super intimate dance evening. We will indulge you with the finest Caviar sounds, tasteful bites, dazzling entertainment in a beautiful, private location.

Gold member events stand out from the usual Caviar de la Nuit gatherings by their smaller and more intimate nature. This fosters a unique and warm atmosphere, providing a genuine opportunity to connect with other couples on a deeper level. As a part of this exclusive club, you belong to a community of open-minded and stylish individuals; couples who not only appreciate but truly understand the value of exclusivity.

Club d'Or is Sold out. The waiting list is now open for registration. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of the upcoming 'Caviar' events!

With love,

Beau & Chloé