A unique insight in the community #4

With the festive days just around the corner, the Caviar team is working tirelessly to add the final touches to the last event of this year: 'Soirée d'Or'. We're excited to share that next week, we'll be hosting 150 incredible GOLD member couples at an exquisite new venue.

As we reflect on an amazing year, during which we had the privilege of welcoming many beautiful Caviar de la Nuit members, we are very curious to know which event was your favorite! Feel free to let us know.

In the meantime, take a moment to relax and enjoy this newsletter filled with delightful content. Dive into an interview featuring our boudoir photo team; Eef & Jos. Additionally, explore Sarah's monthly column, where she addresses a member's question. And, of course, don't miss out on the fascinating details of Caviar de la Nuit.

Chateau d'Amour

Indulge in a Night of Passion and Pleasure

Get ready for an evening that will set your senses on fire! Join us on February 24th at the seductive Chateau d'Amour for a private soiree crafted exclusively for you.

We welcome you to an intimate gathering for 'Caviar de la Nuit' members only, who thrive on that irresistible vibe. Chateau d'Amour promises an electric atmosphere, featuring the hottest artists, jaw-dropping entertainers, and a setup that screams allure. We're creating a night where fantasy meets reality, where every glance, every touch, and every beat resonates with passion. Don't miss out on the sexiest event of the season!

Tickets are available for GOLD members on Friday, December 8th at 12.00h.

Tickets are available for PINK & GREY members on Monday, December 11th at 12.00h.(Limited!)

Caviar Boudoir photographers

 Eef & Jos

Meet Eef and Jos, the awesome boudoir photography team! They'll tell you about where they come from, share why they love what they do, and explain how they make each other even better at being creative

 Jos has been passionate about photography since the age of 15 and has turned it into his profession since 2008. He specializes in event photography and in addition to this, he has a passion for photographing in low light with shadows and mystique. Eef is an all-round makeup artist, complementing each other well in the field of photography. Eef has been accompanying Jos to different parties from the beginning to take care of the makeup for entertainers, among other things. 

"Amazing things happen when you combine your passions! Being a photographer, I've found having a dependable partner is incredibly valuable. That's where Eef comes in. She's lively and spontaneous, connecting with people in a unique way. Eef adds her special touch to create a welcoming atmosphere, smoothly handles registrations, offers useful tips, and, for a playful twist, sometimes adds a bit of mischievous fun with her whip in boudoir photography."

They define their style as spontaneous with a hint of humor. However, what they truly appreciate is capturing the genuine passion of the couple they are photographing. While black and white are often associated with boudoir photography, they equally enjoy creating vibrant and colorful images. Eef & Jos emphasize this preference for colors like indigo (purple) and magenta (fuchsia) in their current photos.

For some couples, the idea of posing together in front of the camera can be a bit nerve-wracking. Even if you've been together for a long time and shared many intimate moments, being in the spotlight can still be challenging. The key is for the couple to fully immerse themselves in the moment, let go of inhibitions, and appreciate each other's beauty. Eef & Jos offer tips like looking at each other, enticing with sultry looks or beautiful smiles, and sharing a passionate embrace. These suggestions are especially helpful for couples experiencing a boudoir shoot for the first time."

Eef & Jos each bring their unique creativity to the table, and luckily, their combination works seamlessly. Their creative strengths complement each other effectively. They explain, "As a boudoir photography couple, we aim to create a comfortable experience in a relaxed environment where you can truly be yourself." With several years of both personal and professional connection, Eef and Jos are deeply attuned to each other. "We understand what to anticipate and have trust in one another. This collaborative synergy fosters a relaxed atmosphere, ultimately leading to a beautiful outcome!"

Fun Facts

The Candy Bar

Experience the sweet delights at every 'Caviar' event with our iconic 'Caviar' candy car!

 Indulge your sweet tooth as our candy jars overflow with a tempting assortment of treats.


At each event, our videographer, 'Gilles,' is on hand to produce an outstanding after-movie. He has a talent for capturing the right moments and preserving the unique atmosphere of Caviar. Gilles is particularly skilled in drone filming, so if the venue permits, you may see a drone in action. While we are enthusiastic about growth and progress, we also take pleasure in rewatching our past after-movies, cherishing the memories of all the events that have taken place.


We recently had to reorder member cards. A little over a year ago, we received a package with 2500 brand-new member cards, and today, we're completely out of stock. Can you believe it? This means that 2500 unique Caviar members graced our events in the past year. It leaves us utterly speechless and filled with gratitude.

Let’s talk about...!

by Sarah

A frequently asked question, especially among new couples, is how to connect with others and take things to the next level.

The great advantage of 'Caviar's' parties is that you mainly meet like-minded people: open-minded, curious, adventurous, playful, ... This shared mentality makes it easy to make connections. If you have access to the community, you can preview the couples that interest you and start a conversation via chat. This way, you quickly find out if there is mutual interest and if the initial impression (on paper) feels good. Meeting up before an event to have a meal together can also help break the ice and get to know each other better. 

For new couples, it may seem challenging to connect with others because many guests already know each other. But know that most members are certainly open to meeting new people, so don't be too afraid or too cautious. At the beginning of the evening, couples often gather to catch up, but as the night progresses, everyone tends to spread out. If you see an interesting couple at an event, it's just a matter of putting on your brave face and approaching them. You can also non-verbally show or express your interest by making eye contact, dancing closer, or touching and caressing the other person. Communication is important, so discuss in advance what is acceptable/not acceptable. Experienced couples know their boundaries well and are willing to communicate them. A golden rule at the parties is that much is allowed but nothing is mandatory, and no means no. If the approach is positively reciprocated, the game can begin ;)

If it's your first time, the lounge might be a bit overwhelming. Take it slow, enjoy the sensual atmosphere as a couple, and most couples prefer to have an after-party with just the two of them at the beginning.

The message is: take it slow and don't rush. The emphasis is on enjoying together. Give each other space but also maintain the connection. Afterwards, discussing and honestly sharing what felt good or not so good is also part of the process and is necessary to gradually push boundaries.

So, this is the last column for 2023. I wish everyone stimulating holidays. Enjoy each other! Thanks for all your great reactions and questions, and keep them coming. 

If you need a more in-depth conversation, I'm happy to personally reach out to discuss the possibilities.

With love,



Hereby, we wish you a Christmas filled with joy and a New Year overflowing with happiness, health, and all things wonderful!

We can't wait to welcome you to our beloved 'Caviar de la Nuit' events in the coming year.

With love,

Beau & Chloé