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As the Caviar team savors their holiday break at the beach, our excitement is building for the upcoming Caviar season. We’re thrilled to kick off in September with 'Sauvage'; a celebration of wild, untamed passion. Then, in October, we have an exclusive Gold event planned. More info about this super exclusive event will be released soon. 

Moreover, in this newsletter, we feature an interview with Iris, the owner of Sensual Minded, the boutique frequently present at our events. And, we are curious about your plans this summer!


Wow! Sauvage sold out in just 4 days! We’re incredibly excited to welcome you all in September. This edition will be even bigger and better, with over 750 members joining us for what promises to be an unforgettable and wild night. We have a lot in store for you, from dazzling entertainment to unique experiences that will make this event special.

The waiting list is open for registration.


While we’re busy preparing for ‘Sauvage’, we’re also hard at work planning the upcoming GOLD event, scheduled for October. More information about this Gold member event will be coming your way soon, so keep an eye out......

Thank you for your incredible support and enthusiasm. We look forward to creating memorable moments with you in the upcoming Caviar season!


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Since January 2023, Iris, the owner of Sensual Minded, has been showcasing her sensual boutique at the Caviar de la Nuit events.

She came up with the idea of Sensual Minded when she placed an order at an erotic webshop. She explains: "The item I ordered arrived in a shipping bag. I found that quite disappointing. When you buy a sex toy/BDSM item or lingerie for yourself or someone special, it should come with a beautiful experience. What also struck me was that a lot of BDSM stuff is all the same and flat. At 'Sensual Minded', we sell unique erotic products that are a feast for the eyes and enjoyable to use. The name Sensual Minded is deliberately chosen; the abbreviation is SM, our goal is to make sex with toys and BDSM even sexier, more sensual, and more stylish."

Iris went to her first erotic party in November 2018, and she immediately loved it! "The people are so open, respectful, and fun. The fact that people are also dressed sexy and on an adventure is the cherry on top. It left me wanting more. Our first Caviar edition was L’Escapade in February 2019, and since then, we've been to almost every edition. Starting from January 2023 with the Sensual Minded boutique, in that regard, it's a perfect match!"

Shebrings an assortment of things to the Caviar events. First, beautiful lingerie that aligns with the dress code; we want to offer ladies the opportunity to procure an alternative if they are not properly dressed according to the specified dress code.
 Additionally, we also have shirts for men as a backup! Furthermore, she brings along adventurous BDSM items and sex toys, ranging from vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, and gag balls to spreader bars. For the Caviar guests who are extra experimental during a Caviar evening, she always has something deliciously naughty on hand...

Her plans for the upcoming years? "I'm excited about expanding the BDSensualMinded collection with items that are not just useful but also super eye-catching. And I want to expand the selection of lingerie brands I partner with. Plus, opening a physical store would be amazing, I could personally assist customers face-to-face and help them find the perfect pieces for their erotic adventures!


We're eager to soak up the summer vibes with you! 

What adventures are you cooking up for your holiday plans? Any festivals catching your eye? Are there thrilling trips planned? 

Give your fellow Caviar members a heads-up on where they might bump into you during these (hopefully) sunny days! 🌞

We are looking forward to welcoming you in September!

With love,

Beau & Chloé