2-Day event - Beau Monde

Finally! summer is here. I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather. Meanwhile, we are quietly counting down the days to welcome you again in October and/or November.


Both events, Mon Cherie & Beau Monde, sold out quickly. We feel very honored and grateful for that. Many Caviar members are registered on the waiting lists for these events. Especially the castle event in November, ‘Beau Monde,’ is very popular. 


We are happy to welcome many new members every day. But, at this moment, new members have no chance to attend any event this year as all events are sold out.


Since the Caviar agenda for '23 and '24 is pretty packed, we do not choose to organize an extra event. But…! There is good news for all members who couldn't get a ticket for Beau Monde on Saturday, November 18. We have decided to make it a two-day event by adding Friday, November 17th, to the agenda. 


So, for all you 'late birds,' new members, or party people who wish to upgrade to a weekender, this is your chance.


Extra Friday tickets are now available!


I am looking forward to welcoming you to Beau Monde!