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Maison de la Passion

* This event has already passed.


A mysterious and historic venue in the city center of Antwerp. The venue provides all the facilities, including an atmospheric dance floor, a spacious dressing room, lounge corners on the balcony, plenty of toilets, an indoor smoking area, and a mysterious lounge. 


Passion is probably one of the strongest emotions we know. 
It drives us to fulfill our dreams; it can spark a fire in our hearts and make our fantasies come true.

Imagine when an exclusive community of passionate people, all with openminded hearts, come together in a beautiful location to explore their sensual desires…That’s what Caviar de la Nuit is all about. 

On Saturday, the 1st of December, we welcome you to our “Maison de la Passion,” a beautiful secret venue in the center of Antwerp, the city of diamonds.
Dance, meet & flirt with other sexy like-minded couples in an up class setting where we take care of every little detail to give you and your partner an unforgettable experience. 

Only 200 couples will be granted access to our exclusive and private community after acceptance.

Hotel & dining packages are also available for those who want to explore the fantastic city of Antwerp. Go shopping for the holidays ahead or explore the city and its many lovely places, bars, and restaurants.

We hope to welcome you to our Maison de la Passion on the 1st of December.

Dress code

- Playful and luxurious lingerie
- Choice of colors: Red & Black
- High heels
- The dress code applies from the beginning of the evening. Dresses are not allowed.
- Tailored and stylish suit
- Choice of colors: Black or dark grey.
- Optional but desirable: Combined with a red pouch, bow, tie or suspenders.
-Sneakers and sportswear are not allowed.
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