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Secret location


It’s time to unveil the unexpected...

We feel so blessed with this community full of beautiful, sexy, and stylish couples! On the 3rd of February 2018, It’s time to reunite and indulge yourselves in a luxury and sensuality-filled night.
Be part of the 6th edition of Caviar de la Nuit : “L’Intrigue”. 
We have found an exceptional, characteristic venue that breathes intimacy. The venue is situated in the North of Belgium, near the Dutch border below Eindhoven.

 We welcome you with a glass of bubbles and some tasteful finger foods. An ideal moment to get in the mood and to get to know each other.
The dance area will provide high-quality light, sound, specials and entertainment. Our carefully selected DJs will bring the sexiest tech house beats to light up the dance floor. 

There will also be a comfortable and cozy chill out to chat & relax. 
We always strive for the highest quality to create lasting memories… Will you be part of them? 
Life is beautiful. Just live it, and be your sexy self. 
With love, Beau. 

Dress code

Dark Blue/ Black luxurious lingerie, with a kinky touch. (No lacquer, leather or latex) High heels, and lots of glam!

Black Tie 
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