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La Chapelle

Happening in 54 days

Entrance is between 20:30 and 22:30. After 22.30h. the doors will close.

The event will conclude at 03:30.


A Majestic Chapel near the Dutch border...


Join us for the debut of a truly unforgettable evening at 'La Chapelle', a majestic chapel that will be transformed into the ultimate playground for couples and ladies accompanied by another couple. This exclusive event marks the 30th edition of Caviar de la Nuit and promises to be an experience like no other.

👠 Ladies, adorn yourselves in the finest, most luxurious lingerie, exuding elegance and allure. Let your inner goddess shine as you grace the halls of this opulent venue.

🕴️‍♂️ Gentlemen, don your most stylish suits, embodying sophistication and charm. Channel your inner true gentleman as you escort your lady through the doors of this magnificent chapel.

Immerse yourself in the unique and sensual atmosphere of La Chapelle. Soft candlelight flickers, casting a seductive glow over the intricate architecture of the chapel. The air is filled with the scent of roses and vanilla, heightening your senses and setting the stage for an evening of passion and pleasure.

As you step inside, feel the reverence and respect that this magnificent venue demands, creating an ambiance of intimacy and excitement. This event marks our first visit to this extraordinary location, making it an even more special occasion to celebrate and indulge.

Join us for an experience like no other, where fantasies come to life and desires are fulfilled

Dress code


  • Luxuriate in high-end lingerie.
  • Permitted colors: Colorful lingerie in all shades! Feel free to explore a spectrum of colors. Let your imagination run wild! Embrace a sense of fun and playfulness as we celebrate the arrival of spring! Only black is not allowed at La Chapelle.
  • Embrace the power of details! Express yourself through accessories. Shine with feathers, pearls, gloves, headpieces, puffy cuffs, naughty whips, suspenders, and more. Let your style speak volumes and make a statement that's uniquely you!
  • Approved Fabrics: Lace, silk, nylon, tulle, mesh, …
  • Wear sexy & elegant medium to high heels (flat shoes/boots/sneakers/ballerinas are NOT allowed during the evening). Ensure your heels are comfortable for the entire night, as changing to flats later is not allowed. Walking barefoot is also prohibited.
  • See-through dresses/semi dresses/shirts/pants/skirts/catsuits are not permitted.
  • Brand/Store Suggestions: Couture de Nuit, Tatu Couture, Maison Close, Honey Birdette, Lise Charmel, Livy, La Perla, Pleasurements, Agent Provocateur, ...


  • Suit up in a stylish, tailored 2- or 3-piece suit.
  • Permitted suit colors: Match with your lady by opting for a Green, beige, grey, blue, or white suit. Only black is not allowed at La Chapelle.
  • Permitted shirt colors: Feel free to express yourself with vibrant shirt hues, but ensure they exude sophistication and elegance! Soft colors are particularly fitting for the occasion! Only black is not allowed at La Chapelle.
  • Approved Shirt Colors: Colorful shirts are allowed. But keep it classy and chique!
  • Elevate your look with a pouch, tie, bow, suspenders, and/or a hat.
  • Wear elegant, neat men’s shoes. (Sneakers, sporty (white soles) loafers, or fashionable sporty shoes are NOT allowed)
  • Ensure your outfit complements the lady's attire.
  • Avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, linen blouses, caps, and exposing bare torsos. This is not permitted,
  • Brand/Store Suggestions: Oger, Dolce & Gabbana, Sandro, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Boss, Tom Ford, Good Manners, The Society Shop, Cavaliere, ...