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Joie de Vivre

* This event has already passed.


An intimate, hidden venue in the heart of Antwerp. Highly appreciated by Caviar de la Nuit members. 


Before Summer starts, we return with one more edition of Caviar de la Nuit; Joie de Vivre. 

This evening will be all about celebrating the finer things in life. An exclusive community of passionate people, all with open-minded hearts and spirits, come together in a burlesque-style boudoir location to explore their sensual desires. 

We welcome you with a glass of bubbles and some tasty finger foods. The atmospheric dance area will provide high-quality light, sound, specials, and unique entertainment. The talented DJs will bring the sexiest house beats to illuminate the dance floor. 

A comfortable and cozy chill-out is created to chat & relax. You can have a Boudoir photo taken to keep as a reminder of this special evening. An intimate lounge waits for you to stimulate your senses. 

We always strive for the highest quality to create lasting memories… Will you be part of it? 

Dress code

IMPORTANT: We are very strict in adhering to the dress code. Special dress code watchers will be present throughout the evening. They assess whether you meet the dress code or not. The dress code watchers can deny you access to the event. You can change your outfit during the evening, but the dress code rules remain in effect. So, please adhere to the dress code to avoid disappointment. 

- Luxurious, high-end lingerie. Shine bright like a diamond, ladies
Approved colors: Black, red, and/or pink. (Other colors are NOT allowed)
- A mysterious mask is ’till 23.00 (desired but not mandatory)
- Go burlesque with lace or silk gloves, suspenders, feathers, pearls, and diamonds. Go all the way.
- Approved fabrics: Lace, silk, nylon, tulle, mesh, … (no lacquer, no leather, no latex)
- Elegant high heels (flat shoes/boots/sneakers/ballerinas are NOT allowed during the evening). Make sure to wear heels you can wear all night because it’s not allowed to switch heels for flats later in the evening. Walking on bare feet is also not permitted. 
- Sexy, see-through dresses/shirts/pants/catsuits are NOT allowed.
- Brand/store suggestions: Pleasurements, Agent Provocateur, Couture de Nuit, Tatu Couture, Maison Close, Tisja Damen, Honey Birdette, Lise Charmel, Livy, La Perla, … 

Tailored suit or tux. Go the extra mile, gentlemen!
- Approved colors: Black (deep/burgundy) Red - (deep/dark) Blue or green - Dark Grey (Other colors are NOT allowed)
- Combine with a pouch, tie, bow, suspenders, and/or a hat.
- Elegant, neat men’s shoes. (Sneakers, sporty (white soles) loafers or fashionable sporty shoes are NOT allowed)
- Always match with the lady. 
- Jeans, t-shirts, linen blouses, caps, and bare torsos are prohibited.
- Brand/store suggestions: Oger, Hugo Boss, Good Manners, The Society Shop, Cavaliere, ...
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