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Jeux d'Amour

* This event has already passed.


A mysterious grand castle near Antwerp.


Caviar de la Nuit “Jeux d’Amour” will be all about the game of love.
Expect a night filled with mysteries and surprises.
Flirt & Tease. Watch and be watched. Love and be loved. And never miss a chance to dance.

For the 7th edition of Caviar de la Nuit we have the honor to bring you back to the most mesmerizing grand castle near Antwerp.

You will feel like the luckiest couple alive while you drive up the private driveway. Once you enter the beautiful castle, our playful hostesses will provide you with a glass of Champagne and delicious finger foods while the pianist supports the atmosphere of grandeur.

Slowly we will take you into the night, and our carefully selected DJs will bring you the sexiest tech house beats to light up the dancefloor. The dance area will have high-quality lights, sound, specials, and entertainment.
When the game of love is played, there are no restrictions.
Play, have fun and enjoy the game.

Game on!
With love, Beau.

Dress code

Soft Pink & Black luxurious lingerie with high heels.
Accessories: Black lace mask. (obliged until 23.00h.)
Dresses are not allowed.
The dress code applies from the beginning of the evening.

Stylish black or grey suit combined with a touch of Soft Pink.
For example, a soft pink tie, pochet, shirt or flower.
Sneakers and sportswear are not allowed.

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