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Femme Fatale

* This event has already passed.


An authentic and hidden location in Antwerp whose characteristic features have been preserved. Wooden ceilings, original stairs, and the loading bridge from a hundred years ago can still be found in the venue.

The venue provides all the necessary facilities, including a spacious dressing room, a cozy chill-out area, and a warm smoking area. 


A femme fatale is a typically stylish, strong, sexually independent, intelligent woman who enjoy being the center of attention. The mystery of this woman is incomprehensible. So visible and yet so unreachable.

On the 26th of October 2019, Femme Fatale was coming to Antwerp for a brand-new Caviar de la Nuit event. Expect a night filled with mysteries and surprises. Flirt & Tease. Watch and be watched. Love and be loved. And never miss a chance to dance.

You will be taken on an exciting journey from the moment we open our doors.
A characteristic venue, beautiful & sexy guests, exclusive entertainment, excellent service, and talented DJs are essential for a typical Caviar de la Nuit event.

Feel the difference, be unique and create your world.

Dress code

Luxurious, unique and exclusive “Femme Fatale” lingerie
- Approved colors: Black, dark blue & ivory
- Sexy high heels
- Accessories: Lace gloves, pearls, feathers, diamonds, hair jewelry, …
- Sneakers, boots or flats are not allowed
- Dresses are not allowed.
- The dress code applies from the beginning of the evening.

Tailored, 2- or 3piece stylish suit
- Matching with the lady
- Combine with a pouch, bow or suspenders.

- Sneakers, jeans and regular T-shirt’s are not allowed.
- Bare upper bodies are not allowed.

Take notice:
We think the dress code is one of the most important features of the evening. Therefore, a strict dress code is applied which must be respected by all guests. The hostess will carefully check this and has the right to refuse access to the event when the dress code is not strictly respected. Tickets will not be reimbursed.