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Luxurious beach club 


In the past winter, we proudly welcomed over 500 beautiful, unique and open-minded couples at our events. After two fantastic winter editions, we can't wait till summer begins!

Are you also ready for the ultimate summer feeling? We will organize our next event on Saturday, the 30th of July 2016. 

An exclusive summer party: "BOHEMIA." A luxurious private beach club will be the setting for an unforgettable pre-summer evening.

The location is completely private and is situated near the water and has its beach, luxurious lounge beds, a summer terrace with a cocktail bar and BBQ, and a stylish beach house. 

We will start at 16.00h with a summer cocktail to welcome you, excellent lounge music, and a luxurious BBQ until 19.00h. For this, you can buy a separate ticket. 

The evening party starts at 19.00h. Those who only like to come to the evening party can enter between 19.00h and 21.00h. After 21.00h. the doors will close. The party ends at 02.00h. We hope you will be on time to enjoy the sunshine and sunset with us!

Expect the typical Caviar vibe with the best music, a gorgeous location, sexy entertainment, delicious cocktails, and a genuinely Bohemian Ibiza feeling.

Dress code

- Sexy bohemian lingerie or bikini / bathing suit.

Boho chique beach wear.
Important guidelines
Dress Code Inspection
During Caviar de la Nuit events, designated dress code inspectors will ensure that attendees fully adhere to the dress code. They will be active from the beginning until the end of the evening and reserve the right to deny access to anyone not properly dressed according to the specified code.

While 99% of our guests strive to look their best and adhere to the dress code flawlessly, sometimes, it happens that someone does not adhere, or not strictly adhere, to the dress code. That's where our dress code inspectors step in.

We will be stricter than ever before! Forewarned is forearmed...
Event Admission Policy
Guests who do not comply with the dress code, unfortunately, will not be admitted to the event. Please be advised that this policy is in place to ensure a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere for all attendees.
Changing Outfits
While you are welcome to change your outfit during the evening to suit your comfort or style preferences, we emphasize that the dress code rules will remain in effect throughout the event.
Review the Guidelines
To guarantee a seamless entrance and to avoid any disappointment, we encourage you to thoroughly review the dress code guidelines. Ensure that your attire seamlessly aligns with the theme, allowing you to fully enjoy the enchanting atmosphere we've prepared for you.
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