Sophistiqué (sold out)

Sophistiqué (sold out)

Caviar de la Nuit presents: Sophistiqué

- Keep your heels, head and standards high -

Get ready for the castle event of the year. On November 19th, we combine sexiness, elegance and style in one of the most prestigious castles in Belgium. We welcome 300 beautiful couples who know what it's like to feel a deep connection with each other on a level that not many people understand. An erotic atmosphere covered with grace and elegance.

We roll out the red carpet to a world full of mysteries and surprises. The castle offers 3 floors, 2 dance areas and various chill & experience lounges. Immerse yourself in luxury and temptation.

Discover. Connect. Dance. This is your special night.

With love,

20.30h - 03.30h
Entrance between 20.30h and 22.00h.
After 22.00h the doors will close. Please be on time.

Grand castle near Antwerp

VERY IMPORTANT: From now on we are even stricter in adhering to the dress code. Special dress code watchers will be present throughout the evening. They assess whether you meet the dress code or not. the dress code watchers can deny you access to the event. During the evening you can change your outfit, but the rules of the dress code remain in effect throughout the evening. So, please adhere to the dress code to avoid disappointment.

Luxurious, high end lingerie
Approved colors: Black, dark green & gold (Other colors are NOT allowed)
Approved fabrics: Lace, silk, nylon, tulle, mesh (leather, latex, pvc is NOT allowed)
Elegant high heels (flat shoes/boots/sneakers are NOT allowed)
Combine with sexy accessories such as lace gloves, suspenders, lace mask, … Be creative!
Brand/store suggestions: Pleasurements, Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette, Lise Charmel, Livy, La Perla, …

Tailored suit of tux
Approved colors: Black, (dark) blue, (dark) green or any type of grey
Elegant, neat men’s shoes. (sneakers or fashionable sporty shoes are NOT allowed)
Matching with the lady
Combine with a pouch, tie, bow or suspenders, … Be creative!
Jeans, t-shirts, caps, bare torsos are NOT allowed.
Brand/store suggestions: Oger, Hugo Boss, Good Manners, Cavaliere, ...


Tickets available from July 22nd 12.00h.
 All members will receive a personal invite in their mailbox.

All tickets are personal and registered on your name. They cannot be sold or given to other people. Tickets bought from other members are NOT valid. We will also check your names when you arrive, and we might ask you to show your ID when we have doubts that you are the original ticket buyers. We only do this to preserve the exclusive character of our community and events.

Visitors of Caviar de la Nuit events agree to comply to the General Terms and Conditions which will apply from the moment visitors arrive at the entrance with their e-ticket or invitation.